DIY Knitting Needles

As a prequel to Lesson 1, here’s a little project to do with the kiddos. Including plenty of pictures! So to start with, I drove to my local craft store…which is nothing special. Just the generic kind.

There are a few places to find dowels. The styrofoam section, the wood section and the toy / kids craft section.


These are are the ones that I decided to go with. First of all, they are the right size. Precut. That’s really convenient.

Next I picked some beads out of the wood section. These have holes that are nearly the same size as our dowels.


Then I chose some clothespins from the scrapbooking section that were a good quality (to use as stitch holders).

Here’s what I got.


We started by fitting beads onto dowels. The spherical beads were easy enough but we had to drill the other shape just a tad bigger to fit the dowel. We didn’t have to use glue, but sometimes you need it, so I would use carpenter glue or super glue in that case.


Many people choose to sand the points, but we used a pencil sharpener and it worked great. Just make sure the points are slightly blunt. Sanding optional.

One luxury tip would be to use a beeswax based needle treatment. You can buy some from Brittany Needle Company for about $17. It’s worth it. Keeps your wooden needles smooth and conditioned.

img_2010-1img_2013-1img_2021-1img_2023-1img_2015-1img_2027-1That’s all! It was easy and the kids loved making their own needles! Hope you enjoy making your own needles!

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