Foxglove & Friends is a homeschooling curriculum focused on teaching knitting through storytelling.  This curriculum is seasonally based.  Each season covers a number of lessons which include both handwork projects and original stories in a convenient format.

Through each season of knitting, we will guide you and your child through a narrative which follows our new friend Foxglove the fox.  The first unit in this series is 8 lessons long.  The lessons are broken up into several parts.  Each lesson can be followed at your own pace.

I intend to create an additional unit for each season of the year which can be easily adapted for use in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

Consider this to be a year 1 knitting course geared toward 7-9 year olds.  We intersperse age appropriate concepts within the narrative ie. the seasons, the senses, nature observation, describing experiences, encouraging communication and rhythm, etc.

I am offering this course for free. Just download below. Knitting lovers do crazy things.

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