One Day

Today I made a decision I have been working up to for a few weeks now.  For starters, I’m going to stop checking Instagram (hyper-stimulation!!).

But mostly…during homeschooling we were reading stories of the saints.  Many of them served others.  Many of them gave freely to others.  I deeply desire to live this way.  I have since I was baptized.

I also love knitting and teaching others how to knit and knowing that children learn to knit as well.  While I know that knitting may not save any lives today…maybe someday it will (who knows?).  Knitting gifts for people certainly does increase the quality of life however.

These two passions converged and here we are.  To you, I give my free knitting curriculum that I poured myself into and would love nothing else for it than to be used, loved and cherished.  And don’t worry, I’m not feeling righteous because of this gesture. Ha! I just want YOU to feel loved and to have a nice curriculum without the stress of money involved.

Love, G