Off the Grid

This family lives off the grid.  I thought I might share some of that life here.  Part of the reason we began knitting was to learn how to make our own garments and fabric so we could lessen our dependence on exports.


All our water is pumped by hand from this 230 year old shallow well.


My husband made this bucket from white oak wood.  Behind the bucket are totem logs which have been inoculated with edible gourmet mushroom spawn which should be ready next spring.


Our back porch is our temporary outdoor kitchen space.  This is a rural community with two families currently so we share a lot of our spaces with each other.


Food is cooked using scrap wood which we split with a Swedish axe.  This is a rocket stove.  Very easy to use.  Very effective.  Very sooty.


Although I hope to kick the habit, coffee still tends to be my motivation for waking up in the morning; though I am getting used to going without it while I pump water by hand, grind the beans by hand and start the fire to boil the water and then rinse out my french press with the water catchment water.  So I’m getting used to waking up naturally.


Almost everyday we walk down to the river to explore, swim, relax and get cleaned up.


It’s not all to be romanticized.  When you rely on one comfort (lightbulbs for example) and the solar goes down, it can feel very uncomfortable.  I found this two days ago when the batteries refused to give us a little power.  Although we live almost completely without electricity and we definitely live off the grid, moments like these wake us up to the reality of how we still rely on simple comforts of the modern world.  Someday we may kick the solar habit completely.