Baking Without An Oven

To keep up with my goal of sharing about our off grid life, here’s a few photos of what it looks like to cook without an oven, outdoors, using wood power in a rocket stove. And just in case you’re wondering…this was a BIG cornbread and it took about two hours. The first hour was over a fire like this and the second hour was a much gentler fire. And it didn’t burn real bad on the bottom or taste bad. We had cornbread and milk for dinner. This morning we fried up some with salt and it was divine.

The outdoor kitchen setup is a temporary one but it’s working well for this year…

The cottage garden in the front yard is mighty weedy. In the background is a little tool shed / greenhouse.

Weekly goals: weed the front yard garden. 🙂

Until next time:

Love for miles & miles. G

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