Since We Are All Homeschooling Now…

Hello Foxglove & Friends Family!

I have left this website alone for a while now.  Our family went from living off-grid in a converted school bus to living in an old farm house on a goat farm.  Then we found a house we loved, out in a small defunct Welsh slate-mining village in central Virginia, otherwise, secluded.  So life has been FULL of changes!

We are not off-grid anymore. So if you have questions, or would like more photos, tutorials, etc., let’s talk! I am willing to put lots of content up while it is needed over the next few weeks.  Because we are all homeschoolers now, whether we like it or not, at least for a few weeks, and because knitting is a stress reliever, and because my website traffic has grown A LOT overnight, I have decided to do an accelerated knit-along on my Instagram profile  Join us for this school-at-home community time!

I don’t know about you, but I want my kids to have something to show for this unexpected time we have together over the next few weeks.  Something that will serve as a reminder of this time of their lives. Hopefully, knitting Foxglove & Friends will help with that. My kids have knitted here and there, but until now, I have to admit, I haven’t been as intentional with them about going through the curriculum that I made for that exact purpose, as I would’ve liked.  I have read the narrative to them every now and then, and they love the stories. But we haven’t had time to sit and knit through it… until now.

I hope you’ll join us! Come on over to Instagram and introduce yourself on our Foxglove & Friends Knit-along Post. I will follow your profiles and we can stay in touch over the next few weeks.  One of the hardest things about homeschooling is maintaining community and commiseration as parents, who sometimes get overwhelmed by being home, in a society that prizes busyness and accomplishment.


Baking Without An Oven

To keep up with my goal of sharing about our off grid life, here’s a few photos of what it looks like to cook without an oven, outdoors, using wood power in a rocket stove. And just in case you’re wondering…this was a BIG cornbread and it took about two hours. The first hour was over a fire like this and the second hour was a much gentler fire. And it didn’t burn real bad on the bottom or taste bad. We had cornbread and milk for dinner. This morning we fried up some with salt and it was divine.

The outdoor kitchen setup is a temporary one but it’s working well for this year…

The cottage garden in the front yard is mighty weedy. In the background is a little tool shed / greenhouse.

Weekly goals: weed the front yard garden. 🙂

Until next time:

Love for miles & miles. G

Off the Grid

This family lives off the grid.  I thought I might share some of that life here.  Part of the reason we began knitting was to learn how to make our own garments and fabric so we could lessen our dependence on exports.


All our water is pumped by hand from this 230 year old shallow well.


My husband made this bucket from white oak wood.  Behind the bucket are totem logs which have been inoculated with edible gourmet mushroom spawn which should be ready next spring.


Our back porch is our temporary outdoor kitchen space.  This is a rural community with two families currently so we share a lot of our spaces with each other.


Food is cooked using scrap wood which we split with a Swedish axe.  This is a rocket stove.  Very easy to use.  Very effective.  Very sooty.


Although I hope to kick the habit, coffee still tends to be my motivation for waking up in the morning; though I am getting used to going without it while I pump water by hand, grind the beans by hand and start the fire to boil the water and then rinse out my french press with the water catchment water.  So I’m getting used to waking up naturally.


Almost everyday we walk down to the river to explore, swim, relax and get cleaned up.


It’s not all to be romanticized.  When you rely on one comfort (lightbulbs for example) and the solar goes down, it can feel very uncomfortable.  I found this two days ago when the batteries refused to give us a little power.  Although we live almost completely without electricity and we definitely live off the grid, moments like these wake us up to the reality of how we still rely on simple comforts of the modern world.  Someday we may kick the solar habit completely.


And We’re Back

Hi everyone! Here’s a quick post to share a link I’m really excited about! Now you can access the f&f curriculum on Waldorf Teacher Resources (one of my favorite websites of all time). Just look under the Grade 2 > Handwork section. Or follow the link by clicking the image below.

Waldorf Teacher Resources Link!!!

Drop me a line sometime just to say “Hello, There!”, to ask questions or to give a little feedback.

Love for miles & miles,


One Day

Today I made a decision I have been working up to for a few weeks now.  For starters, I’m going to stop checking Instagram (hyper-stimulation!!).

But mostly…during homeschooling we were reading stories of the saints.  Many of them served others.  Many of them gave freely to others.  I deeply desire to live this way.  I have since I was baptized.

I also love knitting and teaching others how to knit and knowing that children learn to knit as well.  While I know that knitting may not save any lives today…maybe someday it will (who knows?).  Knitting gifts for people certainly does increase the quality of life however.

These two passions converged and here we are.  To you, I give my free knitting curriculum that I poured myself into and would love nothing else for it than to be used, loved and cherished.  And don’t worry, I’m not feeling righteous because of this gesture. Ha! I just want YOU to feel loved and to have a nice curriculum without the stress of money involved.

Love, G


Seeking Reviewers and A Giveaway!

The day is finally here.  This project I’ve been developing for so long is so close to a full release.  I am head over heels thrilled that it is finished but most of all that I can share it with others.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 4.03.13 PM

The curriculum isn’t on sale officially, but it will be in just a few short days.  Feel free to look around the website today.  There are two things we are announcing today.

  1. There is a giveaway on Instagram ( so be sure to enter.
  2. We are looking for three Instagram users to post a review of the curriculum on the day we publish it for sale online.  Please send me an email or direct message on Instagram with your profile username and why you would like to review the curriculum.  That’s it!  We will get back to you shortly.

Thank you for being interested in this journey!  I hope you’ll join us!


Coming Soon!

Hey there, friends!  In just a few days we will debut our full knitting curriculum for homeschooling families. I can’t wait!  Until then, come over and visit us on Instagram :